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Welcome to JKA Alloa Karate Academy

JKA Alloa Karate Academy relocated from Tullibody in 2015 over 25 years.  We are an established dojo with students of all ages attending regularly from age 6 and a good mixture of both male and female.  

Our dojo is very family orientated with alot of the parents now joining in with their children.  The club has a good friendly atmoshphere and any new beginners are always made very welcome by the Instructors and all our students.


JKA Alloa Karate Academy prides itself in the experience and knowledge of its Instructors, who travel yearly to Tokyo, Japan Headquarters to train with the JKA Masters directly and bring back those teachings to the students of the Dojo.


JKA Alloa Karate Academy is affiliated to JKA Scotland which is a non profit making organisation.  All elected National Committee members give their time voluntarily. JKA Alloa Karate Academy adhere to the rules and regulations of JKA Scotland.


All members of JKA Alloa Karate Academy have access to the various courses and events that are organised by the association, therse take place regularly throughout the year at various locations around Scotland.  Members also have access to various national and international events along with the events organised by the Scottish Karate Governing Body.


The JKA (Japan Karate Association) are famously known as the Keeper of Karate's Highest Tradition.  We study the teachings of the JKA where karate is not a sport but an art.  Karate is a martial art and system of self-defence that originated hundres of years ago in Okinawa.  "Karate-do" means "the way of the empty hand".


JKA KARATE-DO is the original pedigree of the SHOTOKAN Style


Affiliated to JKA Scotland, who are affiliated to Japan Karate Association. 

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